Celebrity cake designer Lorie Burcham, along with husband Jason established Crumb de la Crumb Cake Company in 2004 in the coastal area of North Carolina.  There, they worked hard at creating a name for themselves in the business of making beautiful and delicious cakes.  They quickly became one of the top wedding/specialty cake companies in the area and had the privilege of working with brides from all across the country and with some of the areas most exclusive resorts. 

Although they loved the beach and the business they had on the coast, they soon decided that they wanted to expand by moving to a city where anything might be possible.  With a huge consideration of the fact that the both of them are musically gifted, and would love a future surrounded by music as well as seeing Nashville as a perfect place to transplant their cake business, they uprooted in the midst of the recession and moved their family to Nashville.

“The move to Nashville has proven to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

Nashville is a city of hope for anyone who knows what they want and has the desire to go for it, whether it is for music or anything else. 

Since their Nashville start in 2010, they have had many accomplishments.  They have appeared/competed twice on Food Network’s,”Food Network Challenge”, made cakes for many of Music City’s finest, including Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Jake Owen, Jewel, Paramore’s Josh Farro and many more, and have been featured in the Tennessean, Nashville Scene as well as other publications.  Their cakes have become known as some of the most beautiful, and delicious cakes in Nashville.   What sets their cakes apart besides the great design work, is what has become known as their “infused” cakes.  Best described as the most deliciously moist cake you can get in just about any flavor you can think of. 

In addition to the cake company, they have recently taken over a little cafe in Bellevue,  formerly known as The Cottage Cafe.  They boast of a menu that is completely fresh and homemade, using local ingredients in a quaint atmosphere with warm and inviting, true southern hospitality.  In January, the cafe had its third major expansion and it is quickly becoming known as one of the best places to eat in Nashville. 

Jason and Lorie have made it their goal to take what they have begun and go all the way with it.  They have expanded both the bakery and cafe menu to include gluten free, vegan, and dairy free.  They believe that no matter what the need is, everyone should always be able to get great food and dessert.  And being that Lorie is from the coast, and having grown up in the seafood restaurant business, she had to make sure that her menu included some of her coastal favorites, such as homemade crab cakes (the best you will eat, ever) and let’s not forget the Charleston She Crab Soup (best soup on the planet), which they already have a huge following for.  Their cafe and cake shop is the perfect blend of all things delicious!


about us

about us

“The move to Nashville has proven to be one

of the best decisions

we’ve ever made.”

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